Stettin used to be the main Baltic port of Prussia and later the German Empire. The Amphitrite monument was made by Reinhold Felderhoff, probably of sandstone, and unveiled in 1902. It was designed to match the Port Gate built in 1725–27 by Gerhard Cornelius von Walrave and placed opposite to it. The design is based on the Apollo Fountain in the gardens of Versailles and showed the Greek goddess of the oceans riding a chariot in the shape of a shell, pulled by two horses.

In 1932 it was dismantled, partly because it stood in the way of growing traffic and partly because religious Stettiners took offense in the presence of a naked pagan goddess at this central spot of their city. It was decided to transfer the monument to the municipal museum but parts got stolen and its further fate is unknown. Only postcards remain.

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