Song by William Wycherley

SINCE we poor slavish Women know,
Our men we cannot pick and chuse,
To him we love why say him no,
And both our time and labour lose:
By our put-off’s and fond delays
A lovers Appetite we pall,
And if too long the Gallant stays,
His Stomach’s gone for good and all.

Or our impatient Amorous Guest,
Unknown to us away may steal,
And rather than stay for a Feast,
Take up with some course homely Meal:
When Opportunity is kind,
Let prudent Women be so too;
And if the Man be to your mind,
Be sure she do not let him go.

The Match soon made is happiest still,
For Love has only there to do;
Let no one marry ’gainst Her will,
But stand off when her Parents woo:
And to the Suitor be not Coy,
For she whom Joynture can obtain,
To let a Fop her Bed enjoy,
Is but a lawful Wench for Gain.

Written for the comedy The Contented Cuckold: or, The Womans Advocate by Reuben Borne, 1692.

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