J.E. Liotard de Geneve surnommé le Peintre Turc peint par lui meme à Vienne 1744

Jean-Étienne Liotard, who became famous mostly for his pastels, was born and died in Geneva, but lived and worked most of his life in other places. He studied in Paris under François Lemoyne, who recommended him to the French ambassador to Naples. He spent a few years in Rome and accompanied Lord Duncannon to Constantinople, where he adopted Turkish costume and grew a beard. In 1742 he went to Vienna, where he drew this self-portrait, pastel on paper. He was forty-two years old.

This is not, as I originally thought, his oldest self-portrait to survive, there are at least two earlier ones, with the first dating back to his time in Paris ten years earlier. But it’s probably the first one to show him in Turkish garb with a beard.

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