Here is another portrait of the actress María Guerrero, this time as Finea in Lope de Vega’s La Dama Boba, which was written and first performed 1613. The actor in the background is her real-life husband, Fernando Díaz de Mendoza, the Marquess of San Mamés.

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida originally painted this picture in or before 1897, when the couple moved to Buenos Aires. It ended at the fingertips of her right hand, a line is still visible, and her expression was more serious. Later he added some canvas at the bottom, maybe to display the costume better, added a smile to her face, and changed the date to 1906.

Finea may have been María Guerrero’s favorite part. The Cervantes Theatre, which she built in Buenos Aires, was inaugurated with a performance of La Dama Boba.—More information about the painting can be found here.

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