The ISA-Bus

This is not my first Blog. I have another, older one: The ISA-Bus. I have never linked to it from here before, since it was for the longest just about computers and video games, and besides, I didn’t update it very much since I started this blog.

Now I’ve kinda started new. I’ve given it a new theme, a new motto (A journal of adventures in inner space) and started posting again. I write a lot about blogging and WordPress now, this might be interesting to some of my readers here. I still post game screenshots, but their usually nice to look at whether you play games or not.

There’s another thing: I try to keep this blog “pure,” that is, every post should really present something beautiful, or at least some background information. I don’t have a “meta” category here, I don’t blog about the blog itself. If I do this, I do it on the ISA-Bus.

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