This portrait by Titian has long been taken for one of Ariosto, but this is no longer believed. Some think that it might be the portrait that Vasari describes in his vita of the artist:

At the time when he first began to follow the manner of Giorgione, not being more than eighteen years of age, he made the portrait of a gentleman of the Barberigo family, his friend, which was held to be very beautiful, the likeness of the flesh colouring being true and natural, and all the hairs so well distinguished one from another, that they might have been counted, as also might have been the stitches in a doublet of silvered satin that he painted in that work. In short, it was held to be so well done, and with such diligence, that if Tiziano had not written his name on a dark ground, it would have been taken for the work of Giorgione.

Others think that it might be a self-portrait, but nothing can be said for certain. It is now in the National Gallery in London, which acquired it in 1904 as part of Lord Darnley’s collection, and is generally just known as A Man with a Quilted Sleeve.

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