One of the peculiarities of the Dutch Golden Age (and beyond) is the schuttersstuk. It is the group portrait of a city militia as they existed all over the Dutch Republic. The most famous schutterstuk, of course, is Rembrandt’s so-called Night Watch. This piece from the Haags Historisch Museum is not particularly significant, except that it is the only traceable (on the Web, anyway) painting by Martinus Lengele, whose sister Anna married the far more remarkable Jacob van Loo in 1643.

The full Dutch name of this piece is Het uittrekken van officieren en vaandrig van het Haagse Oranjevendel, which might be translated as “The officers and ensign of the Orange Company of the Hague setting out,” where setting out may refer to a social custom rather than to a military maneuver. It was painted around 1660, the year Jacob van Loo fled to Paris after killing a notorious ruffian in a brawl.

Update: There’s also this drawing.

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