A List of Composers

ONE MATTER they do order better on Tumblr are audio posts. Consequently, in the two months I have been there I have accumulated something like three hundred of them. I have now compiled a list of all the composers I have so far tagged as such, whether in one post or many. I thought it would make sense to repost this list here on WordPress as well.

Since the total number of composers I’ve tagged so far is seventy, I have performed a triage according to post numbers. First, those with more than ten posts; then, those between three and ten; and finally, those with only one or two. The number of posts is not necessarily an indication of my musical preferences. Nearly all the audio posts are reblogs, so it depends a lot on what I come across. Another reason I compiled this list is to help me search systematically for composers that are underrepresented.

More than Ten Posts

Three to Ten Posts

One or Two Posts

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