Lagrenée l’aîné

Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée, also known as Lagrenée l’aîné, was born on December 30, 1724, in Paris. He studied under Carle Vanloo. In 1749 received the Prix de Rome. After studying at the French Academy in Rome he returned to Paris in 1754. In 1755 he became a member of the Royal Academy, presenting as his diploma picture The Rape of Deianira.

In 1760 he came to St. Petersburg at the invitation of the Empress Elizabeth to complete the work in the Winter Palace, begun by Louis Joseph Le Lorrenom, and he was entrusted with the management of the Imperial Academy of Arts. His prolific pedagogical activities at the Academy of Fine Arts had a great influence on the formation of Russian academic art. In Russia, painted a portrait of Empress Elizabeth (Douai Museum). In 1762 he returned to Paris. 1781–1787 he was Director of the French Academy in Rome. In 1804 Napoleon conferred on him the cross of the légion d’honneur, and on June 19, 1805 he died in the Louvre, of which he was honorary keeper.

He painted large decorative, allegorical, historical and religious works and small-format paintings on the same topic, widely represented, in addition to the Louvre, in many state museums in France, and in other European collections.

Translated from this article, with some additions from Wikipedia.

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