François Boucher: Borée enlevant Orithye (1769)

This painting belongs to a series of six that Boucher painted for Jean-François Bergeret de Frouville’s hôtel in Paris. Four of them, including this one, are at the Kimbell Art Museum and the other two at the Getty Museum.

It has been said that Boucher represented and embodied the taste of his century, and no single painting probably captured the spirit of this century better than The Toilet of Venus (1751).

I mentioned it in the previous post, here it is: Heracles and Omphale by François Boucher, 1735. This is probably the most sensual painting in the history of European art.

Boucher is one of those men who represent the taste of a century, who express, personify and embody it. (Frères Goncourt)

Trop verte et mal éclairé.

Too green and badly lit: François Boucher about nature in a letter to Nicolas Lancret.